chicago’s slick compound

“CHICAGO’s SLICK COMPOUND” - athletic highrising does ‘689
project for the crossover studio of kivi sotamaa at the university of applied arts in vienna - finals 01|2007

(refers to a theorie of jeffrey kipnis about hyperindexicality in architecture)

regarding hyperindexical qualities in an architectural project, one strategy is possibly the layering of building components. to dissolve and emotionalize the architectural perception of space, common notions of the detachment between skin, structure and floor plan have to be reconceived in order to create a seamless affection to the observer. multiple layers that contain diverse functional aspects could be one of the techniques to achieve this effect. the superposition of different spatial aspects in this work tries to show these coherences. although theres still an existing overall enclosure it is not perceivable in a familiar way of reading architecture. the used layers appear as complex systems and generate a developing interference of elements. the topological reference to the environment turns into artificiality without ignoring the context. therefore indexical relationships can no longer be perceived and abdicate the interpretation.

initial animations

windows media - 6mb(right klick, save link as)

dynamic figure ground setup

figure ground

structural experiments - generation 01

structural generation 0101structural generation 0102

structural experiments - generation 02

structural generation 0201structural generation 0202structural generation 0203structural generation 0204

structural building generation

structural building generation 01structural building generation 02

interior renderings

interior rendering 01interior rendering 02

conceptual floor plan

conceptual floorplan

conceptual sections

conceptual sections

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